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Bodybuilders’ Jam #16

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Massive and masculine bodybuilders . . . posing provocatively for you!Three massive bodybuilders take their turns at posing on stage for an appreciative crowd of horny onlookers. The show was shot live and on location at the Faultline Bar in Silverlake, California. It features Zeb Atlas, Vin Marco & Derek Steel. There is some brief nudity but no sex.This is another in the very popular BODYBUILDERS JAM series, this time featuring that mega stud ZEB ATLAS and the OH SO HOT Vin Marco, along with muscleman Derek Steele. Shot live on location at the FAULTLINE bar in L.A., this is from the actual live BB JAM event, where muscle studs get up on stage and drive the crowd crazy with their flexing, posing and showing off.Lots of muscle pumping, lots of crazed fans touching the musclemen, and just enough skin to tease us and drive us crazy (it’s softcore but sexy!!) Can you beat ZEB ATLAS? NO way, but Vin Marco is fuckin amazing in his own right, a cocky little stud with a thong full of tips (no wonder!) If you love seein guys show it off in public, get this today!


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