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Centurion Muscle

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RAGING STALLION STUDIOS is proud to present their latest exploration into the world of massive macho muscle: JD SLATERS CENTURION MUSCLE. Not since the legendary days of yore when TARGET and ZEUS defined the archetypes of butch, buffed bodybuilders has any studio aimed so deftly at a mark. Only the best, doing the best has been the goal set for this new line that RSS has named CENTURION PICTURES XXX, and that is exactly what is presented here. SLATER personally took a year to cast this project, searching the world for red-hot-giant-cocked musclebears, stacked-horse-hung bikers, super-pumped muscleheads, and exotic-drop-dead-handsome gymrats .What he has found is sure to astound and delight audiences worldwide and set the standard for the future muscle legends of erotica. These men arent just big bodywise, they are sexual giants with the skill and equipment that elevates them to supermen.


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