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Double Impact 01: Million Dollar Boy + Liquid Heat

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Double Impact 1 contains Million Dollar Boy and Liquid Heat – over three hours of hard fucking in eleven hot scenes on a two dvd set. In pairs, threesomes or more the lads from Spritzz are constantly horny and play around with their cocks and holes until they can’t hold it any longer and shoot huge loads of cum. Million Dollar Boy was the first production from Spritzz. The very high quality of the film, the sumptuous staging and the handsome young models promised great success for the studio. The story deals with a mysterious high-class brothel where rich customers get to use the very handsome German lads of the brothel’s madam – the Black Lady. She has set up different themed cyber rooms to fulfil every fantasy called latex, oil 69, man-on-man, and threesomes. Ten sexy young men in the best hardcore action you can imagine! Summer heat engulfs the city. On every street corner, the horniness of all the boys and men is about to boil over. A crazy Peeping Tom – intoxicated by his sexual desires – creeps around and reveals all of his dirty thoughts. Reality and fantasy mix together in Liquid Heat, wildly accosting the very core of your desires! After the first fuck, William shoots off a full load of sticky lust-nectar all over Alex’s boyish body, while sperm is pumped out by the liter after a group fuck with five party dudes. In other duo and threesome scenes, the boys train their eager fuck-holes and the submissive Alex gives in to some rough nipple torture and a nearly fist-wide ass-stretching! A total of 18 creamy cumshots bring our Peeping Tom to the verge of an orgiastic overkill.