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Man & Van: Joe The Plumber

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Man and Van Presents… Joe The Plumber. We all know there aren`t enough honest tradesmen in this country: cowboy builders, rip-off prices etc etc. Well, Joe our plumber lad not only comes round and does a good honest days work unblocking your plug hole and attending to your old boiler-he also helps out with any other needs his customers might have whether it`s in the bathroom, the kitchen or on a spunk spattered mattress in the back of his rusty old van. Joe`s always got his bag of tools ready and he`s always willing to lend a hand-or his big fat cock! And he ain`t averse to shaggin` his work mates either-the 20 minute tea break is all Joe needs to have a quick fag and fuck some apprentice arse. Five filthy spunk filled scenes featuring our Joe- he`s always in demand!


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